Jun. 26, 2015


Since 3-4 million dogs in America are put down every year just for problem behaviors alone, it is a priority to train dogs and people to save these poor souls from death row.  I will cover creating a treatment plan to deal with problem behaviors from jumping up, digging, chewing inappropriate items, housebreaking, to fear based aggression and lack of socialization with other dogs.  These can all be reasons for a dog to end up at a shelter, but fortunately there are solutions for every one of these problems.  If you have a young puppy, make sure to get his or her DHLPP vaccinations, get him or her spade or neutered, and give him or her lots of time with other friendly dogs, people and all kinds of stimuli to help desensitize the pup to the world.  Please contact me if you have any questions or problems.

Thank you, 

Kyle Nelson