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Dogs and dog training have become my biggest passion in life.  I really enjoy watching owners and their dogs bond from the foundation that training creates between them.  I am a certified dog trainer (ABCDTL1, 2015) and believe positive reinforcement and shaping to be the primary tools to train dogs, and people in a compassionate and empowering way.  I am also certified in pet first aid and CPR.  My business is fully licensed, bonded and insured for liability including care, custody and control of the pets in my  care.

 I have five dogs of my own, all of which are rescues from around the world.  With the application of clicker training, shaping, operant and classical conditioning, I've taught my dogs and many others to choose the correct association between all positive behaviors and their rewards.  Many times as dog owners we don't realize that negative attention is still attention and can continue to reinforce unwanted, self rewarding behaviors.  The more time we focus on what our dogs are doing right instead of wrong creates not only a better behaved dog, but a better relationship between humans and dogs.